Welcome to the An Bang Beach Village Family Restaurant!


Welcome to the An Bang Beach Village Family Restaurant!

The idea to open this restaurant came from an ocean-side drink shack on the beach.  People started asking my family and me to make some food and they really liked it.  It was just a few umbrellas on a patio with simple tables. So, after a typhoon, where everything was washed away, I built the restaurant with help from my family. We had to be creative with the décor, so we fashioned old bottles into lights and crates into signs.  We channeled our inner artists and created the space that you sit in today.

All of the ingredients in our food are locally sourced. The seafood is caught fresh every day and the produce is farmed by our neighbors in An Bang Village. We cook traditional Vietnamese dishes and add our own distinctive flair; every item on the menu is made from scratch using recipes that have been in our family for generations.

An Bang Beach Village is a family restaurant inspired by memories from my childhood. Food has always played a big role in my life. I learned to cook very young and, at age 7, my siblings and I began cooking all of our family’s meals. The soundtrack, too, is the music I listened to growing up. When I was a kid in An Bang, I dialed in to an English language “oldies” station on the small fishermen’s radio and fell in love with it.

An Bang is the community where I grew up. My family has been here for many generations and I am proud to be a native and lifelong resident. The village has changed a lot since I was a kid, mostly in the past two or three years. There are a lot more visitors on the beach nowadays, and many more shops – the spirit of An Bang remains vibrant.

On behalf of my wife, Phuong, my brothers and sisters, and our families, I would like to thank you for dining here at An Bang Beach Village Restaurant. It is our pleasure to share our family’s culinary heritage with you, we hope you enjoy your meal.

Health and happiness always,


Owner and Executive Chefs

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