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Red Snapper

My father would bring home the best fish to his family to feed his children first, and he took the rest to the market to sell. My mom would cook the red snapper in banana leaf to feed me and my classmates whenever they would come to visit and study, and my mother’s cooking became a favorite among the local school children. The sea and my parent’s ability to utilize it, helped us survive, bring us success, and bring us closer as a family and to the community. Additionally, the abundance of fresh seafood in Hoi An added to the richness of our meals and strengthened our bond with the coastal environment.

Griled with turmeric

Red Snapper grilled with fresh turmeric

Red Snapper grilled with salt & chilli

Red Snapper Crispy fried 

Fresh and delicious scallops, caught by local fishermen with passion and love for the sea, are a culinary delight in Hội An and Đà Nẵng. Cooked with traditional recipes passed down through generations, each scallop carries the rich flavors of the ocean and familial warmth. Explore the vibrant seafood scene of Hội An and Đà Nẵng, where these succulent mollusks are celebrated in various dishes, from grilled specialties to delicate soups and stews.

With fresh lobster caught from the waters around Cham island, each bite carries the essence of the sea. Grilled with garlic butter or paired with traditional peanuts sauce, it’s a culinary delight. Steaming retains its freshness, ensuring each tender piece is bursting with flavor. Whether grilled, steamed, or prepared in any other way, Cham island lobster promises a delicious dining experience.

Fresh and vibrant, these succulent prawns are caught on the day, boasting a delightful sweetness and a burst of freshness. They can be prepared in various ways, with popular dishes including prawns cooked with fresh tamarind, garlic-infused stir-fried prawns, or prawns sautéed in a rich and flavorful chili sauce, offering a tantalizing hint of spiciness. Another delicious option is grilled prawns on skewers, brushed with fragrant garlic butter, creating a delightful fusion of the prawn’s sweetness and the aromatic taste of garlic butter.

Abalone, harvested by locals from Cham Islands, carries a rich history. Once reserved for royalty and dignitaries of the Huế court due to its nutritional value, these treasures are now savored in various forms. Whether grilled with garlic butter, stir-fried with choy sum, or simmered in a hearty soup with shiitake mushrooms, abalone offers a taste of tradition and indulgence from Vietnam’s coastal heritage.

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